Тайный Оптимист

It’s been a tough year so far, and I’ve really dropped the ball on offering you all great psychedelia every week.  But, I’m a (not so) secret optimist (Тайный Оптимист), and I believe that you will love today’s show and the shows to come! There’s an eclectic mix of super great psychedelia from ten different countries on today’s show, so I’m sure you will find something that resonates with you.  As usual, please tune in for the podcast on mixcloud and podbean, and buy the music from the artists or directly from the label!

Turn on. Tune in. Freak out!

The Black Delta Movement (BDM) . Preservation . King Mosquito . S/R . 2018


The Slow Voyage . Time Lapse . Will you be back tomorrow . Necio Records . 2018


Crimewolf . S/T . Knots . Head of Crom . 2018


Video Duct . Small Pets and Kitchenettes . President Nawaz . Maple Death . 2017


The Laissez Fairs . Empire of Mars . T/T . Rum Bar Records . 2018


Our Solar System . Origins . En Bit Av Det Trede Klotet . BBiB . 2018


Nadah El Shazly . Ahwar . Ana ‘Ishiqut (I Once Loved) . Nawa Recordings . 2017


Grandpa Egg . Underneath the Willow Tree . I Dream of Holly . S/R . 2017


Bart De Paepe . Pagus Wasiae . Synth Antonius . BBiB . 2018


Женя Куковеров . Тайный Оптимист . Эскапизм . pomogite community . 2018


Kungens Män . Nice Enough to Beat – Psychedelic Sampler Vol. I . Trycka i E4 . Eggs in Aspic . 2018


Seven That Spells . The Death and Resurrection of Krautrock: OMEGA . Future Lords . Sulatron Records . 2018


Familia de lobos . S/T . Todo Lo Que Brilla . Riot Season . 2018


Sunwatchers . II . The Hot Eye . Trouble In Mind . 2018


Darkships . We sit where the sun rises . Rise . Wishing Chair Records . 2016



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