acoustic incantations

sometimes wood and skin, bones for beating out rhythms, something calling/something called from the wind, they’re birds and they’re not. acoustic incantations bring not spirits to us but us to spirits. turn on. tune in. Montibus Communitas . Harvest Times . Harvest Times . S/R . 2013 Gudibrallan . T-Doja . Sommar Uti hagen . […]

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Psychedelia, NY

– NEW YORK psychedelia! bwalawalawwawa. This is the third state in the 50 States of Psychedelia project here at Global Psychedelia.  The first one I did was Illinois, then California, and now New York!  I started with, perhaps, some of the easiest States but I am dedicated to doing all 50.  Through these playlists I […]

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