let’s melt

Let’s melt into the sun, into the darkness, into each other.  Let’s melt into sleep and into wakefulness.  Let’s melt into the space the body occupies, the space the body makes just in being.  Let’s melt into the music and let that music melt into us.  Let’s melt everything and become a puddle of us. […]

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world’s ecstatic ends

Ofo & The Black Company . The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria . Egwu Aja . Norman Records . 2010 Country Joe & The Fish . I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die . Magoo . Vanguard . 1967 Женя Куковеров . Тайный Оптимист . Вальс цветов . S/R . 2018 Video Duct . […]

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cocoon pulled apart

Breaking through the cosmic cocoon this time around on Global Psychedelia.  It’s a wild ride with uncertain trajectories, so turn on and tune in for jazz, hip hop, folk, rock, and other psychedelias!   clipping. – Splendor & Misery . The Breach / All Black . Sub Pop . 2016 Flying Lotus . Until the […]

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Flown Into Space

Today’s show is a bit different, mixing hip hop, jazz, and rock based psychedelia, making for a stellar cosmic trip.  It’s a New Year, and I’m trying new things.  I hope you enjoy, and hear something you haven’t heard before.  Support the aliens – buy these records! Shabazz Palaces . Quazarz: Born on a Gangster […]

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The Citradels Show!

This show is dedicated to a band that I feel has not gotten the praise it well deserves for nearly a decade of releasing excellent music.  I’m talking about Melbourne, Australia’s The Citradels.  So, we’re going to do over an hour of music that spans from their demos and reaches all the way into the future with their forthcoming album, God Bless (due to be released January 8th).  Click the hotlinks to link you you to where you can purchase their music (name your own price) and help them keep making great music.

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stars burnt signs eyes can’t see

stars burnt signs eyes can’t see, deep sonic sigils churning — unmeaning, unmaking. playlist consists of a constellation of related artists/projects, w/ some additions of sonic kin. – meant to be listened to in one session from beginning to end – NUMBSKULL . No Realm of Mind . Witch’s Smoke . Pickled Pepper Records . 2016 […]

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