What is psychedelic music?

Global Psychedelia is a two hour show every week where I, THE NEW ELASTIC INFINITE, play psychedelic musics from around the world.  Each show adheres to a temporal and geographic, or other theme, e.g. ’90s Japanese Psychedelic Rock, Swedish Heavy Psychedelic Rock, or Chilean Neo-Psychedelia. The podcast streams on mixcloud.com/globalpsychedelia and logamp.com/globalpsychedelia.

So, you might ask yourself:  what is psychedelic music?

I’ll give my definition below, but I’d like to hear how you would define psychedelia/psychedelic music. Email me at globalpsychedelia@gmail.com when I ask during the second half of my show “What is Psychedelia?” and the first person to respond will win a free CDr of the show!  You can also message me on my Facebook page.

Here goes:

Defining a genre is tedious business.  I’d say it’s largely unhelpful for locating that thing, which draws you (in)to a particular sound, but for the sake of the Global Psychedelia radio show and your listening ears, I’m going to define it expansively–just like the music itself.

For the purposes of the show, psychedelia will range from the “traditional” long-jam blues of early psych-rockers like Jimi Hendrix, The Byrds, The Jacks, Baris Manço, and San Ul Lim, to psych-pop like Gandalf, The Pretty Things, July, to the weirder sounds that still boarder on this “traditional” like Brainticket, Ultimate Spinach, Chico Magnetic Band, and Chrissy Zebby Tembo & The Ngozi Family.  Then to this I’ll add a glutenous plenty of heavy-psych rock and noise, a space station full of Spacerock/kosmische Music, Acid & Psych Folk, “Afrobeat” w/ Psychedelic leanings, Psychedelic Soul/Funk, Free Improvisation, “Krautrock,” Experimental Electronic/Rock/Jazz, Drone/Stoner/Sludge, Ambient (if it has that thing), Noise Rock/Folk, Psychedelic Hip-Hop, Circus Dub and DeeJay, etc. on into the infinite

So, with that in mind, post a request or comment and I’ll consider it based on the specific theme of the show. If your request doesn’t fit in on the show in progress, I’ll put it in a show where it will. Because there’s so much music for any one theme, I’ll have more than one of the same or similar themed shows so you can hear a wide range of artists from within whichever category I’ve unfairly pinned them.

Bom Apetite! Buen Provecho! Enjoy! On Egin! Geniet Dit! Njut!

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