HAWKWIND a tribute to Lemmy

Today’s show is dedicated to Ian Kilmister, a.k.a. Lemmy, who flew in from the id ’60s pop rock of the Rockin’ Vicars to Sam Gopal’s epic Escalator, and then landed briefly in Hawkwind helping to make the band’s best albums. (Although, I must admit, the 1970 S/T is really great, too).  After a Canadian cocaine bust during the band’s North American tour, Lemme was dropped for not taking the right drugs, and started the band Bastard with guitarist Larry Wallis from Pink Fairies, Peregrin Took’s Shagrat, and UFO.  The band changed their name shortly after to Motörhead, the band Lemmy would head until his death this December 28, 2015.

Sam Gopal . Escalator . Grass; The Dark Lord . 1968 . Stable

Sam Gopal

Hawkwind . In Search of Space . You Shouldn’t Do That; Silver Machine . 1971 . United Artists


Hawkwind . Doremi Fasol Latido . Brainstorm; Time We Left This World Today; The Watcher . 1972 . United Artists


Hawkwind . Space Ritual . Earth Calling/Born To Go; Down Through the Night; Space is Deep . 1973 . United Artists


Hawkwind . Hall of the Mountain Grill . Psychedelic Warlords; Lost Johnny; You’d Better Believe It . 1974 .


Hawkwind . Warrior On the Edge of Time . Motorhead; Magnu . 1974 . United Artists


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