Croatia. Serbia. Psychedelia.

This region, what was formerly Yugoslavia, is awesome.  It’s terrestrially beautiful, and their music–from folk traditions to psychedelia (and, of course, the two together)–is totaly on point.  They even have really great festivals, like the Lost Theory Festival which was in Croatia in 2015.

Today’s show is music from Croatia and Serbia.  I thought I’d be able to pull together a full two hours from each country of this region, but I couldn’t pull two hours of music I really super love together in a week’s time.  That just means that I’ll have another opportunity to do another show from the region.  One last thing.  The countries I’m including in this “region” are: Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia, and the autonomous provinces of Kosovo, and Vojvodina.

On with the show!

East-Ra . Substitute 3 . Amanita . 2011 . S/R


Pridjevi . Pridjevi . Pjesma o drvecu . 2014 . Trouble in Mind


Seven That Spells . Cosmoerotic Dialogue With Luciver . Return of the Captain Beefstake’s Love Apparatus . 2008 . Beta-lactam Ring Records


Kimekai . Coral Dreams . Live Lead . 2014 . Hush Hush Records


Lizards Exist . Lizards Exist . Bamija . 2014 . S/R


Jastreb . Mother Europe . On the Road to the Silver Spire . 2013 . Hau Ruck!


Moř . Goodbye Standards . Jon Void . 2014 . S/R



Igra Staklenih Perli . Igra Staklenih Perli . Pecurka . 1979 . PGP RTB


VVHILE . More . Pilot . 2015 . S/R


Temple of the Smoke .  Against Human Race . Naked Sun . R.A.I.G. Records


HIGH&DRYs . Corpus Momentum . Void Walk . 2014 . S/R


Pop Masina . Kiselina .Na Drumu Za Haos . 1973 . PGP RTB


Igra Staklenih Perli . Drives . Drives . 1978 . Kalemegdan Disk

igra front

[if there’s time to play another song, this will be it. East-Ra from Croatia]

East-Ra . Substitute 3 . Spring into Relief . 2011 . S/R


Other Croatian music worth checking out:

Kvl† ●v In†3rn3† .


Fjodor .

Other Serbian Music worth checking out:

Miša Peruničić


Korni Grupa


  1. East-Ra “Amanita” from “Substitute 3” (2011) on Self Released
  2. Pridjevi “Pjesma o drvecu” from “Pridjevi” (2014) on Trouble in Mind Records
  3. Seven That Spells “Return of the Captain Beefstake’s Love Apparatus” from “Cosmoerotic Dialogue with Lucifer” (2008) on Beta-lactam Ring Records
  4. Kimekai “Live Lead” from “Coral Dreams” (2014) on Hush Hush
  5. Lizards Exist “Bamija” from “Lizards Exist” (2014) on Self Released
  6. Jastreb “On the Road to the Silver Spire” from “Mother Europe” (2013) on Hau Ruck!
  7. Moř “Jon Void” from “Goodbye Standards” (2014) on Self Released
  8. Igra Staklenih Perli “Pecurka” from “Igra Staklenih Perli” (1979) on PGP RTB
  9. VVHILE “Pilot” from “More” (2015) on Self Released
  10. Temple of the Smoke “Naked Sun” from “Against Human Race” (2015) on R.A.I.G. Records
  11. HIGH&DRYs “Void Walk” from “Corpus Momentum” (2014) on Self Released
  12. Pop Masina “Na Drumu Za Haos” from “Kiselina” (1973) on PGP RTB
  13. Igra Staklenih Perli “Drives” from “Drives” (1978) on Kalemegdan Disk
  14. East-Ra “Spring into Relief” from “Substitute 3” (2011) on Self Released

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