Greek Psychedelia

Why haven’t I done a show on Greece before now?  It is senseless!  Greek psychedelia is the super most wow I’m blown away!

Turn on and tune in to Global Psychedelia this Saturday from 2-4PM central (WEFT 90.1FM and streaming at for these two hours of inner-cosmic freak outs from Greece.

Acid Baby Jesus . Selected Recordings . Diogenes . Slovenly Recordings . 2014


Holy Monitor . Golden Light/Aeolus . Cacti . Ongakubaka Records . 2016


Paul Karapiperis . One Sin In Seven Parts . Welcome Boy . 2014


Aphrodite’s Child . 666 . The Capture of the Beast . Vertigo Records . 1972


Morka . There Was A Time . Avenue Winter . Mythos Records . (1973/1997)


Socrates Drank the Conium . On The Wings . Destruction . Polydor . 1974


Alien Mustangs . krapp01: The Tape Sessions . Shadows . krapp’s tapes . (2015?)


The Mushrooms . Give Bees A Chance (compilation) . Lazy Dog . Damn . Lazy Dog Records . (1986/2016)


Purple Overdose . Reborn . (It’s a) Fortune Teller . Action Records . 1999


Craang . Death To Ming . Death To Ming (single) . S/R . 2016 (Thessaloniki)


2 Headed Dogs2 Headed Dogs . 2 Headed Dogs . Space Time . S/R . 2016


This Is Nowhere . Music to Relapse . Thiefall . 2016 (Θεσσαλονίκη)


Nicolai Vilhem Tell . [The Teacompany] . By Bye/Golden Dawn . 2016 (actually, a Danish musician, but played on album with Crystal Thought on Inside The Temple album)

Nicolai Vilhem Tell.  I want to buy all of his music, he’s so good. Nicolai, if you are seeing this: please let me know how I can buy your music!!!

Lunar mgc . Truth (EP) . Truth . S/R . 2015


Naxatras . II . Garden of the Senses .   . 2016 . (Thessaloniki)


Crystal Thoughts . Toxic Phenomena In Kosmic Fields . Kosmic Fields . Missing Vinyl . 2011

This is the only Crystal Thoughts LP not released on Giraffe Pressings, which are all beautiful (SOLD OUT) limited quantity pressings and super rad box sets.  Check out the Giraffe Production blog to see what you’ve missed, and get on the mailing list so you can find out if/when there will be some repressings.

Big shout out to Spiros for the the info on his discography and today’s playlist!


I dig you Crystal Thoughts, like super a lot.  Please reissue your records! Please make another 500 copies of your box sets!!! crystal-thoughts-toxic-phenomena-in-kosmic-fields-2011-greek-lp-2

Tuber . Desert Overcrowded . Desert Overcrowded . S/R . 2013


Lazy Dog – wowza! this site is awesome.  Rad music from Greece in the ’80s and ’90s.


Krapp’s Tapes – Waaaawooo! This tape label is putting out some super great freaky music.


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