best of 2016, so far

There’s a lot that didn’t make it onto this list simply because I only have a two hours time slot at the station.  I plan to do a “best of 2016” show on December 31st, which may or may not include the bands below.  Who knows what the rest of the year will bring?! There were a lot of contenders for this list, but I chose based not only on the song I’m playing but on the album as a whole and the band’s oeuvre (i.e. when, where, and how do they play? what compilations and benefit shows/albums have they done? etc.).

Some runners up, which may end up on the final “best of” list are:

Goodwill Smith/Things Our Bodies Used to Have, Ty Segall/Emotional Mugger, Majutsu no Niwa/Miyanishi Keizo & the Hundred Devils Japanese Original Rock Style, Night Beats/Who Sold My Generation, Morgan Delt/Phase Zero, It’s Not Night: It’s Space/Our Birth Is but a Sleep and a Forgetting, Holy Wave/Freaks of Nurture, Holy Monitor/Golden Light/Aeolus, Heaters/Baptistina, GØGGS/LP, Flowers Must Die/Sista Valsen EP, The Citradels/Are They Still Here?, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard/Nonagon Infinity.

Ramayana Soul . Sabdatanmantra . Terang . Guruguru Brain (Jakarta, Indonesia)


Garden Gate . Dark Harvest . Moonchild .


Bardo Pond featuring Guru Guru and Acid Mothers Temple . Acid Guru Pond . Blue . Fire Records (Japan, Germany, US)


Rob Mazurek & Emmett Kelly . Alien Flower Sutra . Back to the Ocean to the Sea . International Anthem (Chicago, IL)


The Stargazer Lilies . Door to the Sun . A Beautiful Space . Graveface Records (Atlanta, GA)


Dreamtime . S/T  . Serpents Tongue . (Brisbane, Australia)


Elkhorn . Elkhorn . Earthbound . Beyond Beyond is Beyond


The Ocular Audio Experiment . Laughing Dreams . Sweet Dreams .


Evening Fires . Where I’ve Been Is Places and What I’ve Seen . Space Mountain . Sunrise Ocean Bender


Ahkmed . The Inland Sea . Kaleidoscope . Elektrohasch Records . (Melbourne, Australia)


Suzuki Junzo . If I Die Before I Wake . Crossing the Valley of the Cosmic Death Demons . Utech Records (Japan)


Terceiro Olho de Marte . O Heliporto e a Cabine Torta . Topique Psicosensorial . (Fortaleza, Brazil)


The Myrrors . Stand with Standing Rock . Danza Rota . Sky Lantern Records (Arizona)


Sir Robin & The Longbowmen . S/T . I Would Like . (UK)


Kikagaku Moyo . House In the Tall Grass . Trad . Guruguru Brain (Japan)


Guerra despues de la fiesta G.D.D.L.F. . Andrómina . Eras de cristal (Spain)


E GONE . Advice to Hill Walkers . Reach the Summit, Egg . (Sweden)


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