the psychedelic shuffle

I chose 20,000 psychedelic tracks from all genres, geographies, and eras from my personal collection.  Today’s show will be a shuffle.  A psychedelic shuffle.  Who knows what will be played!

Turn on and tune in for a mind blown.

Keiji Haino .

Syd Barrett . Golden Hair

Vuruduk Ey Haikim Unu/ . Bundan Sonra (1968) Turkey

Füxa . Dirty D

Youth Lagoon . The Year of Hibernation . Daydream . (2001) Idaho, US

Bokaj Retseim . Psychedelic Underground . Bokaj Retsim . (1968) Germany


Mind Flowers . III . God Saves

Robert Wyatt .

The Crazy Left Experience




My Brother the Wind

YaHoWa 13

Träd, Gräs och Stenar

Speed, Glue, and Shinki

Os Mutantes



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