Italian Psychedelia

Why haven’t I done an Italian psychedelia show yet? It’s a good question, and one that I have no good answer for. Oversight? No, I’ve planned on doing an Italian Occult Psychedelia show for over a year now, with a guy named Honcho, but, you know how things go… Anyway, NOW is the time.

I’ve tried to fit three hours into a two hour show because there’s just so much great Italian psych.  Sometime in the future I’ll do just a ’60s – 90’s show, and then a contemporary psych show. This one’s a taste of it all, but mostly contemporary.

Turn on. Tune in.

Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano . Le Ultime Parole Di Brandimante, Dall’orlando Furioso, Ospite Peter Hartman E Fine (Da Ascoltarsi Con TV Accesa, Senza Volume). . Dedicato . BDS . 1967


Le Orme . Ad Gloriam . Ad Gloriam . Car Juke Box . 1969


The Trip . Caronte . Caronte 1 . RCA Italiana . 1971


Deadpeach . 2 . Bombay . Go Down Records . 2010


Golden Cup . Vagabond . Untitled 1 . Blackest Rainbow . 2012


Insider . Vibrations From the Tapes . Raga In the Sky . Phonosphera Records . 2012


Herself . S/T . Here We Are . DeAmbula Records . 2012


Lay Llamas . Ostro . Ancient People of the Stars . Rocket Recordings . 2014


JuJu . JuJu . Samael . Sunrise Ocean Bender . 2016


Movie Star Junkies . Junkyears: Rarities And Farm Recordings 2005-2007 . Black Caraibi . Avant! . 2009


Jennifer Gentle . Funny Creature Lane . Couple in Bed by a Green Flashing Light . Sillyboy . 2002 [This band is FUCKING AMAZING. Got their name from Lucifer Sam on Piper at the Gates of Dawn, AND did a live album with Kawabata Makoto The Wrong Cage (2002).]


The Vickers . Ghosts  . See Me Jumping On the Stars . Black Candy Records . 2014


Ufomammut . Ecate . Somnium . Neurot . 2015


Other Italian artists to check out:

Nino Rota . Casanova [Seriously, he has to be on any Italian list. This soundtrack especially.]

Jacula . Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus [definitely going to be on the Occult Psych show]

Gli Astrali – Viaggio Allucinogeno [WTF! Awesome]

Jooklo Duo (and variants) [So fucking good. I’ve played this duo on my psych jazz show]

The Great Saunites . Green [In the midst of a series of crazy great post-rock/psych albums]


Big Mountain County

Boring Machines . Heroin in Tahiti/Sun and Violence [I love this album. Check it out]

CHT – Cross Highest Trip . Vision Without Execution Is Hallucination . 2017

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