Puerto Rican Psychedelia

Psychedelic music from Puerto Rico 1968 to the present.

Did you know:

That Puerto Rico is STILL a U.S. colony? That citizenship was forced on Puerto Rican’s so the U.S. could enlist men for WWI? That along with Guam, the Philippines, and Cuba, the U.S. “won” Puerto Rico after the Spanish American war? That the U.S. totally fucked up P.R.’s economy by destroying their four product economy and exploiting their sugar industry through mainland owners that kept the money in the U.S. and paid the workers shit? That the U.S. had a worker recruitment and island industrialization program called Operation Bootstrap that increased island unemployment and, in the largest airborne migration, flew Puerto Rican’s to the mainland to work in factories and as domestic workers in Chicago homes? That U.S. doctors forced sterilization on women on the island when they came into the hospital to give birth? That Puerto Rican women were experimented on with the first birth control pills which contained more that 800% the amount of hormones of today’s birth control, an amount that made many permanently sterile (not to mention other health problems)?

Also, Oscar López Rivera, unlawfully imprisoned activist, has been released!

Did you know that Puerto Ricans make amazing psychedelia!?!!!  Support the people, not the government. Buy records from the bands!

Freak out.

Kaleidoscope . S/T . Let Me Try . La Ciruela Electrica . 1968


Holocausto . S/T . Si Te Quieres Salvar . Roka . 1974


Challenger’s . S/T . Little Big Man . Mariel, Mariel . 1968


Bandolero . S/T . Truth and Understanding . Truth . 1970


Sr. Longosta . S/T . Tortuga . S/R . 2014


Fantasmes . Devil’s Mistress single . S/R . 2017


Sueño con Belugas . Contaminación Acústica . Pulso . 3 Robots Records . 2016


The Merry Faithful . Singles vol. 1 . The First One . S/R . 2017


Similar . S/T . Ciclope .  S/T . 2012


La Iglesia Atomica . Across Wounded Galaxies single . S/R . 2017


Alaskalana . Costra/Cumbre . The Drug of Love . S/R . 2016


The F.S.O. . Geist . Frigg’s Day . S/R . 2016


7 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Psychedelia

  1. Hello guys, I’m Agustin Criollo, bassist and musical director for La Iglesia Atómica. Thanks for including us, but I noticed you didn’t have any links to the old school bands like Challengers and Bandoleros. If you like, I can email you couple of mp3s from those bands if you want to upload them to the blog. Please let me know.


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