Tribute to Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records

It’s no secret that since I started this show in 2015 I’ve played music from every release by Beyond Beyond is Beyond, so I’m going to go all out and curate today’s two hours with the lovely and diverse music of that label.  There’s very little straight-ahead psychedelia here, but there is complex and fantastic music.  All the albums below can be found at the Beyond Beyond is Beyond bandcamp site, and of course you can search out the bands’ other albums by doing a quick search.

Today is also a very special day as it is my last show on WEFT community radio.  I am still going to do a weekly show, but now it will be podcast on and (I will purchase my own domain names soon).  I have to leave WEFT because it ignores and thus perpetuates social and sexual harassment within its own community, and censors those voices who contest such behavior.  I and Global Psychedelia will not knowingly support such institutions.

Keep turning on and tuning in to Global Psychedelia! This project continues!

The Entrance Band . Face the Sun . The Crave . 2013


Our Solar System . Vårt Solsystem . Mars ♂ . 2013


Quilt . New Hampshire Freaks (split w/ MMOSS) . Open Eyes . 2014


Prince Rupert’s Drops . Climbing Light . Sesame Seed . 2014


Kiki Pau . Pines . Pines . 2014


Devonian Gardens . Solar Shifting . Solar Shifting . 2014


Kikagaku Moyo . Forest of Lost Children . Kodama . 2014


Montibus Communitas . The Pilgrim to the Absolute . The Pilgrim to the Source of Love and Life . 2014


Annique Monet . Phantom Letters . Voodoo . 2015


Worthless . All My Friends Are Stone . Pizza Break . 2015


Coke Weed . Mary Weaver . Honky Tonk Man . 2015


Heaters . Baptistina . Ara Pacis . 2016


Eerie Wanda . Hum . The Boy . 2016


Sam Kogon . Psychic Tears . My Love It Burns . 2016


Chocolat . Rencontrer Looloo . Le faucon le chacal et le vaisseau spatial . 2016


Drakkar Nowhere . S/T . The Line . 2016


Dire Wolves . Excursions to Cloudland . Enter Quietly . 2017


Sundays & Cybele . Chaos & Systems . Paradise Come . 2017


The Myrrors . Hasta La Victoria . Hasta La Victoria . 2017


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