New Psychedelic Latin America VOL I

How do we define Latin America? If Spanish language and a Spanish colonial history makes a country part of Latin American, then what about Brazil, French Guiana, or Suriname? If it’s U.S. economic and military intervention, then, well, what about the rest of the world? Is Latin America just an occasionally useful amorphous category that loosely connects different geographies through different (theoretical, racial, economic, historical, etc.) modalities?

Well, those are all good things to think about and research, but for now, we’ll say that every band in this and the subsequent “New Psychedelic Latin America” series of shows are Latin American.

¡¡¡Whoa!!! We’ve got new music on today’s show from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay! turn on! tune in!

We’re going to kick it off with a cover of one of my favorite classic psychedelic rock songs by the great La Cofradía de la Flor Solar, from their self-titled 1971 album.
The Dalton Correction . Beware of Yarara . Quiero Ser Una Luciérnaga . Possible Records . 2017 (Argentina / Germany)

The Dalton Correction- cover

GABBI . S/T (EP) . Animal . #Nº . 2017 (Bolivia)


Vuelveteloca . Sonora . La Niebla . Fuzz Club . 2017 (Chile)


Spatial Moods . Spatial Moods II . Atiq Rawraq . S/R . 2013 (Peru)


Los Acidos . Barley Wine (cover de Arnold Layne de Syd Barrett) . S/R . (Argentina)


Las Cobras . Temporal . Same and Again . Fuzz Club . 2017 (Uruguay)


Bike . Em Busca da Viagem Eterna . Terra em Chamas . S/R . 2017 (Brazil)


FANTASMES . Devil’s Mistress (single) . S/R . 2017 (Puerto Rico)


Eka Jivanna Baba . Novalis . Kisses of a fading blink parts 1&2 . S/R . 2016 (Mexico)


Bluehmind . Cemeteries, symmetry and vice versa . The Mushroom train . S/R . 2014   (Paraguay)


Banda Imaginaria . Universo de Sonidos . El Poder de Tu Corazón ❤ . S/R . 2017 (Bolivia)


Don Bolo . En Muerto (EP) . Esta es la Vida que te Espera . S/R . 2017 (Ecuador)


Nuvem Leopardo . Quintessência . Revolução Interior . S/R (Aumega Project) . 2016) (Brazil)

– alternate cover –
quintessencia nuvem leopardo

La Hell Gang . 9 Miles . Thru Me Again (Reprise) . Mexican Summer . 2016 (Chile)


AGHARTA . live demo . Cordero . S/R . 2015 (Paraguay)

agharta paraguay

WatchOut! . Flashbacker . Latinarabia . BYM Records . 2011 (Chile)


Los Pistoloss . Llegó La Pizza (single) . 2017 (Colombia) [Rock Cyber-Chirri para sobrevivir al apocalipsis zombie. Reímos para no llorar.]


La Iglesia Atomica . …On a Voyage to the Moon (single) . S/R . 2017 (Puerto Rico)

on a voyage to the moon

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