A New Psychedelic Latin America Vol III

The last volume of this three part series.  I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a bit of Latin American psychedelia over the past few playlists!  There’s sure to be a lot more on Global Psychedelia in the future.

Turn on and tune in.

Nuvem Leopardo . Revolver Mercurio . no centro do sol . S/R . 2015 (Brazil)


Bosques . El centro del vacío . El alimento hace bien . Pleroma, Fuego Amigo, y Hallo Discos . 2014 (Argentina)


Boogarins . Lá Vem a Morte . Lá Vem a Morte  pt. 3 . Boogarim Songs . 2017 (Brazil)


Fractal & Acid Call . Verano Infinito . Verano Infinito . S/R . 2011 (Peru / Chile)


The Holydrug Couple . Soundtrack to pantanal . You are me (Love theme) . BYM Records . 2016 (Chile)


Terceiro Olho de Marte . O Heliporto e a Cabine Torta . Circo do Sr. Macaco de Pernas Azuis –> Pala . S/T . 2016 (Brazil)


The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane . Membrillo’s Ride/Rugby single . Membrillo’s Ride . Höga Nord Rekords . 2014 (Chile)


Foxtrot Sierra & The Uniforms [a.k.a. The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane] . Surfin’ Krautifornia . Gary Busey . BYM Records . 2015 (Chile/Germany)


Atlas Axis . Años mas tarde (single) . S/R . 2016 (Argentina)


Aspid Orkesträ . 7 horizontes . 7 horizontes . Necio Records . 2017 (Peru)



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