The Citradels Show!

This show is dedicated to a band that I feel has not gotten the praise it well deserves for nearly a decade of releasing excellent and diverse music.  I’m talking about Melbourne, Australia’s The Citradels.  So, we’re going to do over an hour of music that spans from their demos and reaches all the way into the future with their forthcoming album, God Bless (due to be released January 8th).  Click the hotlinks to bring you you to where you can purchase their music (name your own price) and help them keep making great sonic journeys.

Turn on. Tune in. Freak out!

Demos . Darkside of the Mountain . 2010


S/T . Lost Out At Sea . 2011


Psychotic Syndrone . Jantar Mantar . 2013


Our Lord’s Secret Service . Black Holes . 2013


Agent 15 on the Radio . I’ll Be Your Man . 2013


Going Steady Mixtape #1 . The Sun . 2014

going steady mixtape 1 cover

Droned and Rethroned . It’s Only a Northern Indian Song . 2014


Nepenthe . Slow Burn . 2014


A Night of Contemporary Feedback Music . Citrine . 2015


Are They Still Here? . Honey . 2016


Where’s One? . Barnyard . 2017


From the forthcoming album, God Bless, out January 8th:


Hill Out of Town

Post-war Preschool

Dawn Chorus


The Citradels also recommend these bands for your listening and loving pleasure:

The Grease Arrestor

The Wheelers of Oz 

trappist afterland


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