Suzuki Junzo forever

In the galaxy of legendary Japanese Psychedelic musicians swings the radiant infinity of Suzuki Junzo. The biggest fault of this playlist is that it doesn’t have any 20 Guilders – Mitsuru Tabata (Acid Mothers Temple, Zeni Geva) and Suzuki Junzo – who just released a new album on Nod and Smile Records.   I highly recommend […]

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nihon no saikederikku ongaku

18 months ago I did the first Global Psychedelia show: Noisy Japanese Psychedelia from 2000 – present.  Japanese psychedelic music is my favorite psychedelic music, so I asked myself, why not do another show?  Two more years of new rad music.  Behold: Contemporary Japanese Psychedelia! Sundays & Cybele . Heaven . Night Predator . Beyond […]

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Astral traveling and…

…psychedelic Beatles covers? Yep, I’m back in the U.S. and in order to catch up, for the first hour I’m playing a mix of psychedelic music I’ve been listening to while away (besides the awesome shows by Jack Straw on Global Psychedelia!).  The second hour I have a treat for you Beatles fans, AND some […]

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