La Tène . Vouerca/Fahy . La Thouraz di Sopra . three:four records . 2016 Terceiro Olho de Marte . Herbarium Parabolicae ou Língua Secreta das Sementes . A Língua Secreta das Sementes (feat. Clau Aniz, Dani Wega and Paulo Maia) . Mércurio Música . 2019 Taras Bulba . One . Rising Lazarus Blues . Riot […]


HIBUSHIBIRE | musical influences

Today’s show is based on a list of influences by FreakOut! guitar player and vocalist of Hibushibire, Kohei Changchang Takakura. I hope you find some music here that’s new to you (as it was to me), but I know you’ll find resonances with the sounds of the new super freaks of heavy Japanese psychedelic rock, HIBUSHIBIRE!

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this week’s show is for sitting on the front porch in the evening and staring out at the world. it’s for swinging, petting your friend, holding hands, and drinking iced tea. super long jams to get lost in. turn on. tune in. freak out. Million Brazilians . Red Rose & Obsidian . Behold (excerpt) . […]

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