There’s a ton of psychedelia in the world. A lot of it is made by women. The next few shows are dedicated to music from the women of psychedelia.


BEST Psychedelia of 2016

There’s been so much great psychedelic music this year that I’ve decided to do a three hour show! It’s broken up into Best Benefit Albums, Best LPs, Best EP, Best Labels, and Best Reissues. Best benefit albums: As the titles state, these are benefits for Standing Rock, ACLU, and the Sierra Club.  Worthy causes in […]

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Psychedelia, NY

– NEW YORK psychedelia! bwalawalawwawa. This is the third state in the 50 States of Psychedelia project here at Global Psychedelia.  The first one I did was Illinois, then California, and now New York!  I started with, perhaps, some of the easiest States but I am dedicated to doing all 50.  Through these playlists I […]

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Russian Neo-Psychedelia

Russian neo-psychedelia. Lovelier than Putin bare-chested on a horse.  But seriously, Pussy Riot forever!!! Special thanks to Brown Noise Unit for the great playlists, especially the one on Russian Psych and Post-Punk.  Album images to come. Now! Народный Комитет (People’s Committee) . An Introduction to Russian Psychedelic and Post-Punk Music (Volume 2) . Натюрморт (Still Life) […]

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