this week’s show is for sitting on the front porch in the evening and staring out at the world. it’s for swinging, petting your friend, holding hands, and drinking iced tea. super long jams to get lost in. turn on. tune in. freak out. Million Brazilians . Red Rose & Obsidian . Behold (excerpt) . […]

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an agonizing distance

the result of subtracting the universe from itself A time-binding semantic organism, such as the human, departs from evolutionary norms and functions as a revolutionary agent…  Les Rallizes Dénudés . Rivista Archives Disc 3 . 氷の炎 . Revista . 2011 Bonnacons of Doom . S/T . Solus . . 2018 GNOD . Chapel Perilous . Voice From Nowhere […]

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