Autumn Evening: Drone, Trance, & Ambient Psychedelia

The sun gets lower in the sky, the light thick as honey. This show is the sound to lull you into darkness. Turn on. Tune in. Turn in.

podcasts at: &

Nik Turner . Life In Space . Approaching the Unknown . Purple Pyramid


The Myrrors . Ljudkamrater . Night Flower Codex . Cardinal Fuzz/Sky Lantern


Ancient Ocean . Titan’s Island . Cassini-Huygens . Beyond Beyond is Beyond


Nuvem Leopardo . Quintessência . Crescente . S/R


Domboshawa . Minds Electrix . Karlavagnen . S/R


Dire Wolves . Excursions to Cloudland . Celebration Day . Beyond Beyond is Beyonda2611716958_10

La Tène . Tardive/Issime . Pa di issime . three: four records / Bongo Joe


Bike . Em Busca da Viagem Eterna . O Retorno de Saturno . S/R


tempera . tempera . 4444444444444444444 . l’animaux tryst (field) recordings . 2009


Raising Holy Sparks . Search for the Vanished Heaven . Compass Gone & The Stars Unreadable . Eiderdown Records


special thanks to DJ Gyp Buggane of Great Electric Baby Fist for this track, “Penis”, which could easily have been on this show.  Great music!

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