Brasil Psicodélico! Música desde o velho a novo

Turn on and tune in for another two hours of psychedelic music from around the world.  Today’s show is psychedelic music from Brasil, 1968 to the present.  Some of the Tropicália you’ve likely heard, but I had to play them since they’re so good!  I do hope that there’s something on this playlist that you aren’t familiar with, and that you dig.



Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Os Mutantes, Caetano Veloso, Tom Zé – Tropicália Ou Panis et Circensis – Panis et Circencis – 1968

Veloso, along with Gilberto Gil, Os Mutantes (Arnaldo Baptista, Rita Lee, & Sérgio Dias), Gal Costa, Tom Zé, Torquato Neto, and Rogério Duprat all collaborated on this album.  This is a fitting album to start the set off with because most bands playing psychedelic music in Brasil afterward were/are influenced by the Tropicália movement, just as Tropicália was influenced by, and shared methods with, the Antropofágia (cannibalism) avant-garde movement of the 1920s and ’30s, ConcretismoNeoconcretismo, and Pau-Brasil (Brazil-wood) movements.

Gilberto Gil – Gilberto Gil Frevo Rasgado – Coragem pra Suportar – 1968

Along with Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil was exiled during for four years during Brazil’s military dictatorship, the two ending up in London until returning to Brazil in 1972.  Gil is my favorite artist of this period because everything he did from Os Mutantes to his current solo stuff is great.  Veloso is legal, too, but sometimes he strayed too far into light rock for me.  Even though Gil got soft after 1977, his music retains the experimental edge of Antropofágia.

O Bando – O Bando – Fossa Boboca – 1969

Os Mutantes – Mutantes – Dom Quixote/Día 36 – 1969

Gal Costa – Gal – Objeto sim, objeto não – 1969

Novos Baianos – Ferro na Boneca – Beijos – 1970

Bango – Bango – Inferno no Mundo – 1971

The band Bango took their name from bango, also known as Axexê, a condomblé funeral ritual, Bango- a type of Afro-Portuguese music, or Bango – a type of marijuana.  I can’t find much information on this band.

Raul Seixas – Sociedade Da Grã-Ordem Kavernista Apresenta Sessão Das 10 – Dr. Paxeco – 1971

Spectrum – Geração Bendita – Trilha Antiga – 1971

Marconi Notaro – No Sub Reino dos Metazoàrios – Made in PB – 1973

Alceu Valença – Molhado de Suor – Cabelos longos – 1974

Ave Sangria – Ave Sangria – Geórgia, a Carniceira – 1974

Flaviola e o Bando do Sol – Flaviola e o Bando do Sol – Canção de Outono – 1974

Lula Cortes e Zé Ramalho – Paebiru – Nas Paredes da Pedra Encantada, os Segredos Talhados por Sume – 1975

Tom Zé – Estudando o Samba – Mã – 1976

Hugo Filho – Paraibô – Quero Você, Você – 1978

Violeta de Outono – Violeta de Outono – Faces – 1987

Mopho – Mopho – Não Mande Flores – 2000

From the northeast of Brazil, from the city of Maceió, in the state of Alagoas.  The small write-up on Mopho at lastfm says, “Upon hearing the song Não Mande Flores (Don’t Send Flowers), Arnaldo Baptista, ex-guitar and vocals from Os Mutantes stated in the Brazilian press: “Sonically they are superior to Os Mutantes, and they remind me of the Beatles.””

Jupiter Maçã – Hisscivilization – The Homeless and Jet Boots Boy – 2002

Felipe Arcazas – Aeolian Processes EP – Ghost Dance – 2011

Keroøàcidu Suäväk – Kuarks Quasares el Gran Piknik – QORPö MeTemPSIcóSe – 2011

Experimental free-noise electronic folk freaks from São Paulo making galaxies.  Download infinities at their bandcamp page.

Camel Heads – Anoluz – The River – 2012

Boogarins – As Plantas Que Curam – Hoje Aprendi de Verdade – 2013

Rocartê – Lua de Tambor – Espírito Santo II – 2013

The video below is a kind of extended music video/documentary of the hugely popular psych band Novos Baianos from–you guessed it–Salvador, Bahia.  This hippie communal band was kind of like the Tropicália version of Amon Düül II with their highly improvisational mix of Brazilian folk musics, US/UK psychedelic rock, and more “eastern” sounds.


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