Psychedelia of the United States, 2014

Heavy, Garage, Pop, Desert, Lumpy Fuzz, Drone, et al. Turn on.

Let us not forget that the United States is part of the world, the globe that is, and therefore it must also be played on Global Psychedelia.  Today’s show is U.S. psychedelia from around the country, and all from this year, 2014.  I decided to use some well-known stuff and some lesser-known stuff, so I hope there will be something you haven’t heard, and which blows your mind.

UPDATE: I must have been sleepy, because I missed MMOSS’s Doug Tuttle’s self-titled album and Morgan Delt’s self-titled.  Please do yourself a favor and get these albums.  Also, get MMOSS’s 2012 Only Children while you’re at it.

Earthless meets Heavy Blanket . In a Dutch Haze . Paradise in a Purple Sky III

Exocomet . Exocomet . Mercy Tongue

Joel Gion . Apple Bonkers . Mirage

The Solar System . Forever Changing… Maybe The People Would Be The Times or Between Clark And Hilldale

Druggy Pizza . Chilli Cheese Crust . Like Pigs in a Slot

Temples . Sun Structures . A Question Isn’t Answered (this is actually an English band #chargers4evr)

Moon Duo . Live in Ravenna . Goners

Christian Bland and The Revelators . The Unseen Green Obscene . Syd Barrett Blues

Fever the Ghost . Crab in Honey EP . A Parliament of Owls Determine the Fates of Greater Men No less Than 5 Stories Above Us in a Dream

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard . Oddments . Alluda Majaka

These guys are actually from Melbourne, Australia. But it’s my show and I’m gong to play them anyway.

Kingdom of the Holy Sun . Thirteen Eyes EP . Thirteen Eyes

Magicicada . Wrack With Ruin . Jigsaw Forms

The Mind Flowers . The Mind Flowers / The Roaring 420s  SPLIT . Down the Line

The Flaming Lips . 7 Skies H3 . Riot in My Brain!!

The Blue Angles Lounge . A Sea of Trees . Desolate Sands

Ty Segall . Manipulator . Feel

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flick . Enter the Slasher House . A Sender

Magic Castles . Sky Sounds . White Stone

The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger . Midnight Sun . Moth to a Flame

Jon Mueller . Non-fiction . Are

14 thoughts on “Psychedelia of the United States, 2014

    1. Absolutely! I first heard them on The Active Listener. Tune in for future shows ( Sat.s 2-4pm CST) as I’ll be revisiting US Psych. Thanks for checking out the list!


      1. Hey Madaritxa. Very cool. I will check out the radio show. The Solar System are great. So many albums to choose from too. Again dig the list!


    1. Hi psychpope. Thank you for checking out the U.S. psychedelia playlist. First of all, I hope you will check out other shows presented here which range from the German Krautrock/Space/and Kosmische scene to Chinese, Finnish, and African psychedelia, to name a few. Second, psychedelic music is a very open genre and difficult to pin down to any set of specific sounds or styles of playing. Part of my show is to play musics that have been influenced by more traditional psychedelic musics, but that also expand and reinvent (or just invent) what I see as psychedelia. Third, I completely disagree with your assessment of this particular list. As I have only two hours per show, I try to create diverse playlists that, although under the same “theme,” are diverse and not monotonous and one dimensional. Would you really call Druggy Pizza, Magicicada, Earthless, or King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard “80s style Indie Rock”? Lastly, I am very interested in how you define psychedelic music, so please share with me under the “What is psychedelic music?” tab. Could you also recommend some psychedelic music to me that I can include on future shows and playlists? Thank you again for your comment psychpope!


  1. Nice list! You have several of my favorite psych-leaning US albums of 2014 on it. I’d add a few more:

    White Fence/For The Recently Found Innocent
    Wand/Ganglion Reef
    The Young Sinclairs/This Is The Young Sinclairs
    Woods/With Light And With Love
    Squires Of The Subterrain/The Squires Of The Subterrain
    Simones/Majic Ship (single on Fruits de Mer)
    Secret Colours/Positive Distractions (Americans from Chicago despite the British spelling)
    Prince Rupert’s Drops/Climbing Light
    Paperhead/Africa Avenue
    No Silver Bird/No Silver Bird EP (they’ve just renamed themselves The Turns)
    Mystic Braves/Desert Island
    Holy Wave/Relax
    Heaven’s Gateway Drugs/Apropos
    Brian Jonestown Massacre/+-EP
    Black Angels/Clear Lake Forest EP


    1. Awesome list stumania. I’ve really been digging the new Woods and Prince Rupert’s Drops. The Black Angels, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Mystic Braves are also in my collection, but the rest is news to me. I’m super excited to explore these! Thank you for checking out the blog. I hope you’ll check out other playlists, and tune in for the show–I stream live at from 2-4pm (CTS) every Saturday (or, if you’re in East Central Illinois you can here the show at 90.1 FM).


      1. Didn’t realize you were in Illinois – hopefully you’ll get the chance to see some of the Midwest’s finest psych bands in 2015. Keep your ear out of The Luck of Eden Hall (Chicago), The Red Plastic Buddha (Chicago), Secret Colours (Chicago), and Heaven’s Gateway Drugs (Ft. Wayne, Indiana). The Paperhead and The Sufis are both from Nashville, so there’s a possibility they may find their way to a venue near you as well…

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  2. yeah this is stuning. My favorite psychic band is obviously BJM. Iron Butterfly, classic. Kim Fowley? Quicksilver Messenger Service. you also should listen to some turkish and arabic bands like Tinariwen, Erkin Koray, 3 Hürel or Selda. I don’t give you title albums, explore them by yourself! Start by the song Erkin Koray – Estarabim, this is psychedelic!


    1. Thanks Albert. Yes! I hope to do a Turkish psych show soon. I have Erkin Koray and Selda in my collection, but I’m not familiar with the others. I’ll definitely check them out. I really dig BJM, and Iron Butterfly have their moments. Just checked out Kim Fowley–I didn’t realized I knew some stuff by him. Ah, yes, Quicksilver Messenger Service. There’s just so much stuff coming from the U.S. that it’s hard to narrow down to two hours, which is why I decided to do 2014 alone. I’d like to do the 2000s, ’90s, ’60s, and ’70s. My next show will probably be Argentina. Thanks for posting Albert. Turn on. Tune in.


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