Psychedelic Finland

Welcome to another two hours of psychedelic music from around the world.  Last week Sweden, this week Finland, maybe next week Russia? No, next week I’ll be in Idaho, so you’ll have the Rock Doctor of Rock Geek FM filling in.  Make sure to tune in for some knowledge, and a funky good time!

Like Sweden, Finland might not come to mind when you think about psychedelic music, but it actually has a super long history of psychedelia and garage psychedelia.  If you dig that mid to late ’60s psych and garage rock sound, you’ll dig early Finnish psych.  A lot of it is hard to find a hard copy of, but check out all that you’ll be hard pressed to find on this blog: Beyond the Calico Wall Finland.

I’m going to try something different with this week’s playlist and post the youtube video of the song if it’s available.  If it isn’t, I’ll do as usual and post the album cover and other info.

Turn on.

Blues Section – Blues Section -Cherry Cup-Cake Twist – 1968

Kuupuu – Sisar – Pensas on eläin – 2013

Haikara – Geafar – Change – 1979

Islaja – Ulual Yyy – Muusimaa – 2007

Shogun Kunitoki – Tasankokaiku – Montezuma – 2006

Circle – Six Day Run – Day Five – 2013

Pekka Airaksinen – Psychedelic Phinland: Finnish Hippie & Underground Music 1967-1974 (2006) – Fos 2 – 1968

Kemialliset Ystävät – Ullakkopalo – Kivikasan Rauhassa – 2010

Pharaoh Overlord – Lunar Jetman – Black Horse – 2012

Jääportit – Uumenissa – Tulien Tuli – 2004

Eero Koivistoinen – Valtakunta – Pientä peliä urbaanissa limousinessa – 1968

Pekka Streng & Tasavallan Presidentti – Magneettimiehen Kuolema – Olen Elain – 1968

Dark Sun – A Journey Through Space – Studio Jams 2004-2005 – A Journey Through Space – 2011

Death Hawks – Death Hawks – Black Acid – 2013

Hector – Herra Mirandos – Meiran Laulu – 1973

The Polka Dot Sunflower Bed Orchestra – MN – Rambla de Morales – 2014

Topmost – Topmost – The End – 1968

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