Chinese Psychedelic, Noise, and Other Musical Wonders

Welcome to another two hours of psychedelic music on Global Psychedelia.  I’m your host The New Elastic Infinite, and today’s show is Chinese psychedelic, noise, and shoegaze music.  At first I found it pretty difficult to find this music.  It’s no surprise that in a country with such media strictures since the cultural revolution it would be hard to find rad psychedelic bands.  But it’s also no surprise that such strictures would produce some really rad music.  I actually found it easier to find Chinese noise music, and a lot of harsh noise.  Some of you might think that Torturing Nurse is missing from the list, but I honestly think it’s a shame to listen and not see their music performed.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Torturing Nurse I have a video posted at the end of this list for your audio-visual pleasure–if you like harsh noise and bondage, that is.

The labels that carry the most Chinese psychedelia of many varieties are tenzenmen, Maybe Mars, and Genjing Records.  Chinese Noise and experimental music can be found at Sub Rosa.  And finally, one of my favorite labels of all time, particularly because Japanese psychedelic music is my all time favorite music, is P.S.F Records, which also releases Li Jianhong (and his band D!O!D!O!D!).

Turn on. Tune in. WEFT 90.1FM and streaming live at (click “Listen Live”) 2-4pm CST.

1. D!O!D!O!D! . Goo*ooG . Ghost Temple . 2006 (This is just an intro, really: 7 seconds) (P.S.F. Records)

2. Teddy Robin & The Playboys . …At Their Best! . The In-Place & Magic Colors. (Universal Music Ltd., Hong Kong, Diamond)

3. Dead J . An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music (disc 3) . Untitled (Sub Rosa)

4. Dear Eloise . I’ll Be Your Mirror 7″ . I’ll Be Your Mirror . 2012 (Maybe Mars, Tenzenmen, Genjing Records, Bubutz Records)

5. Dino . An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music (disc 3) . Untitled (Sub Rosa)

6. Chui Wan . White Night . Black Cat, White Cat . 2012 (Maybe Mars, Tenzenmen)

6. Li Jianhong, Huang Jin, Ji Mu, Li Tieqiao . Live at Nanjing . Xianchang Jilu 1 . (2pi Records)

Recorded live in Nanjing on Sep. 9th, 2006.

7. Boyz & Girl . Kiss Me Blind . Boyz & Girl . 2010 . (Maybe Mars) Predecessor of Skip Skip Ben Ben

7. Ronez . An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music (disc 2) . Kikusui Back . (Sub Rosa)

8. Ourself Beside Me . Ourself Beside Me . Sunday Girl . 2009 (Maybe Mars)

9. Z. S. L. O. (Zero and Sound Liberation Organization) . An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music (disc 3) . 422189 . (Sub Rosa)

10. Alpine Decline . Go Big Shadow City . Walk With Mask . 2014 (Alpine Decline, Genjing Records, Laitdbac, Maybe Mars, Tenzenmen)

11. Shenggy . Untitled . Junggy’s Decay . 2007 (Noise Joy Records)

12. Chui Wan . White Night . Tomorrow Never Knows . 2012 (Maybe Mars, Tenzenmen)

13. D!O!D!O!D! . Ghost Temple . UnUnn? . 2006 (P.S.F. Records)

14. Skip Skip Ben Ben . Hot & Cold / Skip Skip Ben Ben split . I’m Out of Drugs . 2014 (Gary Records)

15. Li Jianhong . Classics of the Mountains and Seas . Classics of the Mountains . 2009 (P.S.F. Records)

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