Australian Psychedelia

It’s time to turn on and tune in to Global Psychedelia with The New Elastic Infinite on WEFT 90.1 FM Champaign, IL SATURDAYS from 2-4 PM CST and streaming live at  Today’s show is contemporary Australian psychedelia from Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Central Coast, Geelong City, etc.

A special shout out to The Citradels who just turned me on to their amazing psychedelic sounds, all of which you can get on their Bandcamp page here: The Citradels!  You can also like them on Facebook.  They actually played at the Sydney psych fest on December 13th, so I hope all of you who are in or were in Sydney got to experience that amazing lineup of bands.  If you missed it, you can get a taste of what you missed for free here: Sydney Psych Fest on Going Steady Music.

Each of the band’s names is a hot link and will take you to where you can download (for free) or purchase other formats of their album.

Time to turn on and tune in

The Citradels . Psychotic Syndrome . Here To Know . 2013 (YOU ARE THE RECORD COMPANY PLAY IT LOUD)

Violet Swells . The Soft Focus . Into The Ether . 2014 (Self Release)

Blank Realm . Go Easy . Growing Inside . 2014 (Bedroom Suck Records)

Broadcasting Transmitter . Hungover & High . Cyclogenesis . 2014 (Self Release)

Greg Boring . Heavy Syrup . Denuder . 2013 (Self Release)

Fabulous Diamonds . Commercial Music . Wandering Eye . 2012 (Chapter Music)

The Dandelion . The Strange Case of The Dandelion . I Turned On As You Turned Around . 2013 (Self Release)

This band was known as The Dolly Rocker Movement before they transformed into The Dandelion!

Ruined Fortune . Ruined Fortune . All Seeing Eye . 2014 (HoZac Records)

The Grease Arrestor . What Was, Is. . Turn On . 2014 (Self Release)

Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood . Canisanubis . Real Scum So Stretched Seems . 2006 (Digitalis)

The Citradels . Droned and Dethroned . Counting Time . 2014 (YOU ARE THE RECORD COMPANY PLAY IT LOUD)

The Frowning Clouds . Legalize Everything . Somewhere Else . 2014 (Saturno Records)

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard . I’m In Your Mind… . Am I In Heaven . 2014 (Self Release)

Tame Impala . Lonerism . Mind Mischief . 2012 (Modular Recordings)

Buried Feather . Buried Feather . Time It Takes . 2014 (Self Release)

Dead Radio . Crystal Moth . Tokeloshe . 2012

Wheat Fields . Saturnalia . Cheshire Cat Blues / Big Lizard Jam . 2013 (Self Release)

The Murlocs . Loopholes . Loopholes . 2014 (Self Release)

The Babe Rainbow . Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest . Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest . 2014 (Self Release)

Pond . Hobo Rocket . Aloneaflameaflower . 2013 (Modular Recordings)

The Dandelion . Going Steady Mixtape #5 – Sydney Psych Fest . On A June Morning . 2014 (Self Release)

Dreamtime . Dreamtime . Eve . 2011 (Conquest Of Noise Records)

Featured Image by the amazing Leif Podhajsky!

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