psychedelische | België | musique

“Eenheid is psychedelische muziek” “Einigkeit macht psychedelische Musik”  “L’unité est la musique psychédélique”

Welcome to another two hours of psychedelic music from around the world.  This week’s show is the psychedelic sounds of Belgium!  These tracks were hard to find, but it was a mostly rewarding search.


Nato . ACTuel Un . Je suis nu dans mon frigo . 1974 . Barclay

nato actuel un

This, via discogs: “Nato is a provocative artist (living partly in Paris and partly in Brussels) preoccupied by the act of sex in art. His paintings depicted naked humans in a sexual context. His music is eccentric and strange, suggesting comparisons to Dashiell Hedayat and Emmanuel Booz. Nato made another album in 1982.”

Injun Joe . Indian Priest / Someone 7″ . Indian Priest . 1969 . Reward Records

This unfortunately titled band and song is incredibly good.  My brain has yet to solidify after repeated listens to this psych-folk masterpiece.

Fuzzy Phases . Fuzzy’s Dreams . Fuzzy’s Dreams . ? . Del Sol

Brainticket . Cottonwoodhill . Brainticket, Pt. 1 . 1970 . Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

This German “Krautrock” band features Belgian born keyboardist Joel Vandroogenbroeck.  The record was released with a warning label, according to the liner notes of the CD re-release, stating “only listen once a day to this record. Your brain might be destroyed.””

Nato . ACTuel Un . Le diable et dieu . 1974 . Barclay

Lagger Blues Machine . Complete Works . Born to be alone on a White Desert Island . 1972 . CBS

YAWNS . demo . Lucid Dream . 2015 . self released

Ignatz . Because Time Is Too Short . (Oh) I Know You . 2012 . Taping Policies

Isolation Ward . Point Final . Remember . 1984 . Présence

Bed Rugs . 8th Cloud . Purple Pill . 2012 . Waste My Records

Magdalena Solis . Hesperia . Wake Up and Start to Dream . 2011 . Dying For Bad Music

This band is named after Mexican serial killer Magdalena Solís, also known as “The High Priestess of Blood”.

Cosmic Trip Machine . The Curse of Lord of Space Evil (Lord Space Devil Trilogy Part 3) . Mantra 7777 . 2011 . Nasoni Records

Henri Pousseur . Paysages planétaires . Alaskamazonie . 2004 . Alga Marghen


Babils . The Joint Between . Psychopapat . 2007 . Stilll

Mountain Bike . Early Recordings Tape . Nothing At All . 2014 . Howlin Banana Records

Sylvester Anfang II .  Perzische Tapijten . Episch . 2012 . The Great Pop Supplement

Jarenduren . 5 + 9 . 9 . 2014 . self released

Kozmotron . Lesser Earth . Lesser Earth . 2014 . self released

5 thoughts on “psychedelische | België | musique

      1. Thanks! I really dig your project Global Psychedelia, too! 🙂 Should we coop in any way? I’d be up for it! Best wishes from Berlin! Oliver


      2. Hello Oliver! Thanks for writing. I would love to collaborate with you! Do you want to do a video / music collaboration, or maybe we could create a playlist together? As you may know, each playlist is a live show on WEFT 90.1FM (in Illinois, USA), but it also streams live at Saturdays from 14-16:00 Central time. Let me know what you’d like to do. I could even have you on the show via phone.


  1. Thanks for your answer and the friendly invitation, I’d be happy to do any kind of collaboration! I’ll contact you via e-mail, ok? Doing a playlist together sounds great! I’ll tune in today (tonight for me), have a good show and a great Saturday!


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