Best of 2017 Volume I

2017 was just a great year in music, and I’m not just talking psychedelia.  BUT, as this is Global Psychedelia’s best of volume one (of 2), I’m playing songs from some of my favorite psychedelic records of 2017.  I pulled out 9.5 hours of music in my first run through of favorite albums for this year, and have gotten it down to 4.3 hours of music that I’ll play over two shows, before moving into my most anticipated albums of 2018.  Because there’s so much good music, for the podcast I’m just going to skip the introductions and play music!  Dig this, and get ready for volume 2 next week!

❤  Please buy the records so these amazing artists can keep making music.  ❤

I’ll post my unedited, 9.5 hour list after the first two volumes are published.

Turn on. Tune in. Freak out!

Soft Power . In a Brown Study . Aavaa #1/ MF .  Huuru Osasto Records


HIBUSHIBIRE . Freak Out Orgasm! . Trepenation Breakdown . Riot Season Records


Nuvem Leopardo . Quintessência . Nvit e os Jardins do Infinito Prazer .  Aumega Project


Pansies . Cascade of Colors . Feels Like Yesterday . Ongakubaka Records


Lucille Furs . S/T . The Fawn of Teal Dear . The Minimal Beat Limited


The Myrrors . Hasta La Victoria . Tea House Music . Beyond Beyond is Beyond


Flowers Must Die . Kompost . After Gong . Rocket Recordings


Mountain Movers . S/T . I Could Really See Things . Trouble In Mind Records


Ecstatic Vision . Raw Rock Fury . Twinkling Eye Pt 3 . Relapse Records


Dire Wolves . Excursions to Cloudland . Celebration Day . Beyond Beyond is Beyond


Alice D. and the Wild Flowers . In the Center of the Room . Left is the Right Choise . S/R


Ash & Herb . Northern Lights . Cap & Stem . Flower Room


Chui Wan . The Landscape the Tropics Never Had . Lunar Sea . Maybe Mars / Pang Pang Project


Prana Crafter . MindStreamBlessing . At Agartha’s Gate . Eiderdown Records


Perhaps . V . Mood Stabilizer . Riot Season Records



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