BEST OF 2019 (a selection)

Honey Radar . Ruby Puff of Dust . Magnesium Blow-Up . What’s Your Rupture? De Lorians . S/T . Toumai . BBiB Plastic Crimewave Syndicate . Massacre of the Celestials . Nest of Vipers . Cardinal Fuzz Terceiro Olho de Marte . Herbarium Parabolicae ou Língua Secreta das Sementes . Plasma . Mercúrio  Osmium House […]

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Dawn Electric Threshold

Old Million Eye inspired today’s show. BIG love to Mr. Lucas for greatness and beyond. incantations. dire wolves, of course. and HACO. and Starbirthed in the Flower Room. after dinner music on Saturn.

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Country Joe & The Fish . just the LSD intro from “Thursday” . I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die . Vanguard Records . 1967 Fifty Foot Hose . Cauldron . Fantasy . Limelight . 1968 Trees . The Garden of Jane Delawney . Lady Margaret . CBS International . 1970 Ultimate Spinach . Behold […]


everything always forever

dear friends, behold! a new playlist for your entry into 2019. it’s everything always forever. it’s heavy on the light side of Flower Room Records, but I’m digging their catalog. Also, new brilliance from Guruguru Brain, and as usual, A LOT OF SELF RELEASED AMAZING WONDERFUL BRILLIANT AWESOME MUSIC. TURN ON. TUNE IN. FREAK OUT. […]

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Deeper Deeper Dark Star Space

Shooting Guns . Nosferatu (score) . Act I: Count Orlok . Cardinal Fuzz . 2018 [Recorded live at the Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon, SK, on October 28, 2016] Trimdon Grange Explosion . S/T . Poor Wayfaring Stranger . Cardinal Fuzz / Borley Rectory . 2018 (UK) Pat Thomas . I Ain’t Buyin’ It . What is […]

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