Absolutely Just Exactly Perfect Dire Wolves Volume Three

This is the last show of the three part series on the absolutely just exactly perfect Dire Wolves band, brothers and sisters, and it’s a long one! There will be more Dire Wolves on future shows, of course, but I truly hope you have enjoyed this three part tribute. You can get most of their digital (and physical, if not sold out) music at the Dire Wolves / Jeffrey Alexander bandcamp page. The physical media and other tracks can be found at discogs, Eiderdown Records, Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records, Feeding Tube Records, Pome Pome Tones, Cardinal Fuzz, Baked Tape Records, Galactic Tape Archive, Sloow Tapes, Psi Labs Tapes, Dynamo Sound Collective, and Sky Lantern Records.

Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band . Paradisiacal Mind . Unfettered and Alive . Feeding Tube / Cardinal Fuzz . 2018

Dire Wolves Absolutely Perfect Brothers Band . Drumbar and Basspear . Earth Rising Earth, parts 1 and 3 . Sloow Tapes . 2017

Dire Wolves . Jamming the Trump Agenda: A Sonic Fundraiser for the ACLU & Sierra Club . Steve Bannon Can Kiss My Jew Ass . Beyond Beyond is Beyond . 2016

Dire Wolves . Stand With Standing Rock . Fuck the Pipeline . Sky Lantern Records . 2016

Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band . One for the Heads . Living On Tulpa Time > Cleanhead Boogie > Venusian Red Cross . Baked Tapes . 2018

Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band . 9 – 21 – 17 Union Pool Brooklyn, NY . I Control The Weather > Crone In The Mud . “.” . 2018

Dire Wolves / Headroom . Dire Wolves / Headroom split . One Day the Sun Rose Blood Red Over the Hill . Centripetal Force . 2018

Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band . Earthquake Country . Indigo Children on the Beach . Sky Lantern Records . 2018

Dire Wolves . Excursions to Cloudland . Cerebration Day . Beyond Beyond is Beyond . 2017

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