Welcome to the third altar in the four-part series! Today’s show is full of rare gems that are (unfortunately) difficult to come by. This is the early years of Etap and it’s gritty freakout whoa! Podcast is coming super quick so you can hear these freakout gems!

Make sure to turn on and tune in for the final (for now) part of the series next week. It’s going to be full of live bootlegs and music from the band member’s solo careers!

Seas of Silk . Tree of Death . Digitalis Limited ‎. 2008

The Declining Star . Ascending . Night People . 2008

The Hidden Revealed . (Side B) Cathedral of Radiance>Smoke Monster . S/R . 2009

Mystic Induction . Emerald Forest of Peace . Not Not Fun Records . 2008

Altar of Grass . Mystic Induction . Solar Commune . 2007

Vibrations New Dawn . New Dawn . Not Not Fun Records . 2007

Crafty Maverick’s Fair – Arcata . The Prowler . live bootleg . 2010

Self Titled . Puff Cloud Temple>Cloud Temple II>Majestic Drums of Petal Magik . Solar Commune . 2006

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