BEST OF 2019 (a selection)

Honey Radar . Ruby Puff of Dust . Magnesium Blow-Up . What’s Your Rupture?

De Lorians . S/T . Toumai . BBiB

Plastic Crimewave Syndicate . Massacre of the Celestials . Nest of Vipers . Cardinal Fuzz

Terceiro Olho de Marte . Herbarium Parabolicae ou Língua Secreta das Sementes . Plasma . Mercúrio 

Osmium House . Entrance Level . Dawn of Pisces I-II . S/R

billy woods . Hiding Places . toothy . Backwoodz Studioz

ML Wah . Deep Roots . Santal . Flower Room Records .

Weeping Bong Band . II . Elf’s Promise . Feeding Tube Records

The Spacious Mind . The No. 4 or 5 Gravy Band . Creekin’ at the Goose . Essence Music

Sessa . Grandeza . Gata Mágica . Lovers & Lollypops

Headroom . New Heaven . New Heaven . Ever/Never Recordings

Dire Wolves . Grow Towards the Light . Crack in the Cosmic Axis . BBiB

Los Acidos . Semana Giratoria/Barley Wine . Barley Wine (cover de Arnold Layne de Syd Barrett) . S/R

Pure Enchantment . Humid Misterioso . Pterodactyl Over Moundville . Null Zone

Locian . Chav Anglais . Air Hostess . Artificial Head Records

Centrum . För Meditation . Vid Floden . Rocket Recordings

Dustbreeders . The Only House in Town . The Only House in Town . Fougère Musique

Suzuki Junzo . Se Una Notte D’Inverno Un Viaggiatore // 冬の夜 ひとりの旅人が . Trans-Mediterranean Thunderfuck / 汎地中海に於ける雷ファック . Plunk’s Plan

Black Bombaim & João Pais Filipe . Dragonflies with Bird and Snake . Dragonflies . Lovers and Lollypops

Junzo Suzuki & Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska . The Ascended Master Teachings of Junzo Suzuki & Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska . The Order Of The Ash Ra Solar Tempel . Infinity Mirror Records

One thought on “BEST OF 2019 (a selection)

  1. I had a few of these on my 2019 list at Eclectic Grooves. That Billy Woods record was the highlight of the year for me, and it came out of nowhere. Also really dug that Honey Radar record- reminds me of classic Guided By Voices mixed with White Fence. If you’re interested, my entire list can be found at


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