2. It took three or four years, and it would not be bold to assert that the nucleus had its start with Madarieta or Jasper Pierce; they themselves didn’t know how at some moment, over drinks with friends after the movies, things were said or left unsaid that suddenly would form the alliance, what afterward we all called the nucleus and the younger ones the club. There was nothing of a club about it, we simply loved Plastic Crimewave, and that was enough to set us apart from those who only admired him. Just like them, we admired Plastic Crimewave too, and also Kawabata, Mizutani, Asahito, Göttsching, and why not Ethan Miller, Hideki, Daevid or Paul Allen, but only we loved Plastic Crimewave so much, and the nucleus was formed because of that and out of that, it was something that only we knew, and we trusted in those who all during our conversations had shown little by little that they loved Plastic Crimewave too. –Julio Cortázar, “We Love Glenda So Much” (revised)

Today’s show is the first in a multi-part series dedicated to Plastic Crimewave in all it’s formations! What coheres the series is, of course, the great psychedelic guru we all love, Steve Krakow! The series will proceed more or less in chronological order and the last show in the series will have some Spiral Galaxy! The best thing you can do for yourself is to go deep on all things Plastic Crimewave. Turn on. Tune in. FreakOut! Buy some Galactic Zoo Dossier from Drag City and do your best to listen to all Mr. Krakow’s Galactic Zoo Tape Club!

Plastic Crimewave . Emperors of the If! (Galactic Zoo Dossier Compendium) . Intro .

The Unshown . The Golden Curse . (I am) the Delusion . 1999/2020

Plastic Crimewave Sound . Boombox Xplosions . 1,000,000,000 Coughs & Into the Future . Galactic Zoo Disc (GZDCDR07) . 2003

Plastic Crimewave . Emperors of the If! (Galactic Zoo Dossier Compendium) . Ghost Ships .

Plastic Crimewave Sound . Flashing Open . Perfect Glass Orchards . 2004

Plastic Crimewave Sound . Grade Ceased . Grade Ceased/What Goes Up/Record Fiend 7″ . What Goes Up .

Plastic Crimewave Sound . Dark Debris (disc 1 – rare studio) . Nine Gold Clouds . Galactic Zoo Disc ( ) .

Plastic Crimewave Sound . split w/ Oneida . End of Cloud . Jagjaguwar . 2005

Plastic Crimewave Sound . In, Demons In (w/ The Heads and Lillydamwhite). Why Can’t Somebody Love Me . Rocket Recordings . 2005

Plastic Crimewave Sound . Dark Debris (disc 1 – rare studio) . Why Can’t Somebody Love Me . Galactic Zoo Disc ( ) .

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is plastic-crimewave-sound-dark-debris-live-rare.jpg

Plastic Crimewave . For Lee Jackson in Space . Butterfly and Moth . no label . 2012

Plastic Crimewave Sound . split with Michael Yonkers . Hibiscus Blue/End of Cloud pt1 . Captain Spazz . 2006

Plastic Crimewave Sound . No Wonder Land . Shake Your Dying Cowboy Mind .

Plastic Crimewave Expanse . La Sorciere/Vivid Visions . La Sorciere (live Diamond Days Fest. 21/7/07) . Apollolaan Recordings . 2008

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