Welcome to the second show in the three part tribute to Plastic Crimewave! This show and the first part are full of super rare CDrs and tapes and freakOut bliss! If you’re ready to join the nucleus, turn on, tune in, and freakOut! because WE LOVE PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SO MUCH!

3. Starting with Pierce or Madarieta, the nucleus was slowly expanding. In the year of Collapserations there couldn’t have been more than six or seven of us; with the premiere of Plastic Crimewave Syndicate the nucleus broadened and we felt that it was growing at an almost unbearable rate and that we were threatened with snobbish imitation or seasonal sentimentality. The first, Madarieta and Pierce and two or three more of us, decided to close ranks, not to admit anyone without a test, without an examination disguised under the whiskey and a show of erudition (so Osaka, so Chicago and Phoenix, those midnight exams). At the time of the opening of Bleed Out, we had to admit, melancholically triumphant, that there were many of us who loved Plastic Crimewave. The chance meetings at the shows, the glances exchanged as we came out, that kind of lost look on the women and the painful silence of the men, showed us better than any insignia or password. Mechanics that defied investigation led us to the same downtown cafe, the isolated tables began to draw closer together, there was the gracious custom of ordering the same cocktail so as to lay aside any useless skirmishing, and finally looking each other in the eyes, there where Plastic Crimewave’s last sound in the last song of the last concert still breathed. Julio Cortázar, “We Love Glenda So Much” (revised)

Plastic Crimewave . Emperors of the If! (Galactic Zoo Dossier Compendium) . Intro .

Plastic Crimewave . Gradually Darkens . The Steeply Angled . S/R . 1999

Plastic Crimewave With Cotton Casino And Aska Temple . Live in Osaka . ??? . S/R . 2002

Plastic Crimewave w/ Heady Friends . Collapserations 1 . Decadent Streak . Galactic Zoo Disc . 2005

Plastic Crimewave w/ Heady Friends . Collapserations 2 . Comets on Fire . Galactic Zoo Disc . 2005

Plastic Crimewave Guitarkestra . IV (live at Empty Bottle 2/21/08) . ??? . Galactic Zoo Disc . 2008

Sir Plastic Crimewave . String/Soul/Eye . The Machine Halls . Kendra Steiner Editions . 2010

Plastic Crimewave Sound . Dark Debris (Rare studio disc 1) . Nine Gold Clouds . Galactic Zoo Disc . ???

Plastic Crimewave Sound . S/T . (I Am) Planet Crushing . Eclipse Record/Prophase Music . 2008

Michael Yonkers & Plastic Crimewave Sound . Bleed Out . Pulse Rising . Spiral Staircase Records . 2009

Plastic Crimewave Sound . Painted Shadows . Arraj . A Silent Place . 2009

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