Welcome to the super extended third and final part (for now!) of the We Love Plastic Crimewave So Much series! Today’s show is likely the Plastic Crimewave you know best, full of albums from the last ten (or so) years by PCW Sound, PCW Syndicate, Sir PCW, and Spiral Galaxy! If you have learned anything from this series I hope that it is the fact that Steve Krakow is a brilliant artist, eclectic music historian, transnational psychedelic guru, and transgalactic sonic magician! Turn on. Tune in. FreakOut!

4. Twenty, maybe thirty, we never knew how many we had come to be, because sometimes Plastic Crimewave would go on for months at one theater or was in two or three at the same time, and there was also that exceptional moment when they appeared onstage to play the young murderess in The Unshown and his success broke the dikes and- created a momentary enthusiasm that we never accepted. By that time we already knew each other; a lot of us would visit each other to talk about Plastic Crimewave. From the very beginning Madarieta seemed to exercise a tacit command that he had never asked for, and Jasper Pierce played their slow chess game of acceptance and rejection that assured us a total authenticity without the risk of infiltrators or boobs. What had begun as a free association was now attaining the structure of a clan, and the casual inter rogations of early times had been succeeded by concrete questions, the stumbling scene in The Galactic Zoo Dossier, the final retort in Massacre of the Celestials, the second erotic scene in Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom…–Julio Cortázar, “We Love Glenda So Much” (revised)

PCW Sound . Shockwave Rider . Bad Politics . HoZac Records . 2009

Sir Plastic Crimewave . Feathered Serpents . Butterfly and Moth . Eye Vybe . 2019

Plastic Crimewave Syndicate . S/T . God of Lions . Swordfish . 2015

Dire Wolves/PCW Syndicate split . Loud Exit . A Separate Reality . Galactic Zoo Discs . 2018

PCW Syndicate . The Golden Cage . Nag’s Head . Priority Male . 2013

PCW Syndicate . Massacre of the Celestials . Pierce the Veil (Jasper’s Last Freak) . Cardinal Fuzz/Eye Vybe . 2019

PCW Sound . The Oblivion Programme . Stone the Pass/Kill the Vibe . Priority Male . 2013

Djin Aquarian & Plastic Crimewave Sound . Save the World . Ride My Merkabah . Prophase . 2012

PCW Syndicate . Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom . Future to the Ancients . Cardinal Fuzz/Eye Vybe . 2017

PCW Syndicate . single . Great Polaris (Follower of Light) . GZD . 2019

PCW Syndicate . single . The Gwardjal . GZD . 2019

Spiral Galaxy . Eternal Spirit Wold Meditations . Axos . GZD . 2020

Spiral Galaxy . S/T . Machine D . Cardinal Fuzz/Lion Records . 2020

[secret track] –>> Djin Aquarian & Plastic Crimewave Sound . Live Yod Devotions . An Anything . Plus Tapes . 2009

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