casting magic

The Incredible String Band . The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter . Witches Hat . Elektra . 1968 Wax Machine . Mind Palace . Intro > Time . Time Spun Records . 2018 Spökraket . In a Witch Forest . In a Witch Forest . Cable Hell Records . 2015 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle . If Came From […]

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Coma Berenices

It was the vibration of light, a milky sunflower, diffusion of time, the Black Eye Galaxy cutting through the intergalactic medium.

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This is the second offering to the Eternal Tapestry altar, and there’s two more to come in the series! Although my intention was to work my way backward in time with each show of this series, I still need to convert some cassettes to digital files – so definitely tune in for next week’s show for some real freak out tapes dubbed jams! The last show in the series will be Eternal Tapestry live bootleg shows and a few special cuts from Etap solo projects ❤