Absolutely Just Exactly Perfect Dire Wolves Volume Three

This is the last show of the three part series on the absolutely just exactly perfect Dire Wolves band, brothers and sisters. There will be more Dire Wolves on future shows, of course, but I truly hope you have enjoyed this three part tribute.

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Deeper Deeper Dark Star Space

Shooting Guns . Nosferatu (score) . Act I: Count Orlok . Cardinal Fuzz . 2018 [Recorded live at the Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon, SK, on October 28, 2016] Trimdon Grange Explosion . S/T . Poor Wayfaring Stranger . Cardinal Fuzz / Borley Rectory . 2018 (UK) Pat Thomas . I Ain’t Buyin’ It . What is […]

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Today’s show has music from seven different countries and four US States. Finally got my hands on the Dire Wolves / Headroom split which is coming out on vinyl next month on Centripetal Force Records! I missed the Pom Pom Tones tape release earlier this year, bad have been pining after this album ever since, […]


hypnotic deep constellation

Psicomagia . S/T . El Memorioso . El Paraiso Records . 2013 Old Smile . Start Over Again / Quiet Nights . Quiet Nights . S/R . 2018 Jack Ellister . Tune Up Your Ministers And Start Transmission From Pool Holes To Class O Hypergiants . The Man With the Biochopper . S/R . 2015 SHERPA […]

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