Chilean Psychedelia Reboot

I love Chilean psychedelia, and this is the second all Chile show I’ve done here on Global Psychedelia.  I hope it gives a broad entrance into the great psychedelic music that has emerged in the last ten years. Perrosky . Doblando Al Español . No Puedo Entenderlo / I Can’t Stand it (Velvet Underground cover) […]

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smell of mud and light

dreamherbs . singles . No Durty Business; Dogs; Break Your Jaw; Nice Guys . Metal Postcard . 2018 Moor Mother X Mental Jewelry . Crime Waves . Matter of Time . . 2018 Blown Out . In Search of Highs Vol. 1 . Hook Up The Telepath . Riot Season . 2018 Hibushibire . Official […]

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Тайный Оптимист

It’s been a tough year so far, and I’ve really dropped the ball on offering you all great psychedelia every week.  But, I’m a (not so) secret optimist (Тайный Оптимист), and I believe that you will love today’s show and the shows to come! There’s an eclectic mix of super great psychedelia from ten different […]

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let’s melt

Let’s melt into the sun, into the darkness, into each other.  Let’s melt into sleep and into wakefulness.  Let’s melt into the space the body occupies, the space the body makes just in being.  Let’s melt into the music and let that music melt into us.  Let’s melt everything and become a puddle of us. […]

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world’s ecstatic ends

Ofo & The Black Company . The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria . Egwu Aja . Norman Records . 2010 Country Joe & The Fish . I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die . Magoo . Vanguard . 1967 Женя Куковеров . Тайный Оптимист . Вальс цветов . S/R . 2018 Video Duct . […]

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cocoon pulled apart

Breaking through the cosmic cocoon this time around on Global Psychedelia.  It’s a wild ride with uncertain trajectories, so turn on and tune in for jazz, hip hop, folk, rock, and other psychedelias!   clipping. – Splendor & Misery . The Breach / All Black . Sub Pop . 2016 Flying Lotus . Until the […]

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