acoustic incantations

sometimes wood and skin, bones for beating out rhythms, something calling/something called from the wind, they’re birds and they’re not. acoustic incantations bring not spirits to us but us to spirits. turn on. tune in. Montibus Communitas . Harvest Times . Harvest Times . S/R . 2013 Gudibrallan . T-Doja . Sommar Uti hagen . […]

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Psychedelic Anthems

What does that even mean? Well, it means these are psychedelic songs that feel like they could be anthems for a movement, for a generation, for a trip, for a night or a day or a lifetime.  Once I started listening to my collection with “anthem” in mind, I ended up with almost 24 hours […]

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Japan Live!

Today’s show covers 46 years of Japanese psychedelic music, LIVE!  As you probably know, I love Japanese psychedelia.  It is my all-time favorite music.  There’s so much great psychedelia that has–and continues to–come out of Japan that I could just play Japanese psychedelia for two hours every show, AND every show would still be awesome!  […]

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Tribute to Jaki Liebezeit

Today’s show is a tribute to the great drummer Jaki Liebezeit, perhaps best know for his monumental and establishing work with the amazing Kosmische/Krautrock/Avant Garde band CAN.  I have tried to make a diverse and expansive playlist to pay tribute to Liebezeit’s work, not only with CAN, but with other collaborators working in various styles.  […]

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