Whoa. First Global Psychedelia show of the FM.  Today’s show is an hour of psychedelic hip hop from the ’90s to the present, US and UK.  It’s limited, sure, but that just means there’ll have to be more than just one of these to fill in the gaps. The Difference Machine . Clocks . Vibration […]



Today’s show is RED themed.  Every song has “red” in the title. It’s part of the “anything but basic series” (JT) and will continue with other colors in the future.  The idea brings together diverse sounds from diverse time periods and diverse locations, so turn on and tune in for a series of songs that […]

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Puerto Rican Psychedelia

Psychedelic music from Puerto Rico 1968 to the present. Did you know: That Puerto Rico is STILL a U.S. colony? That citizenship was forced on Puerto Rican’s so the U.S. could enlist men for WWI? That along with Guam, the Philippines, and Cuba, the U.S. “won” Puerto Rico after the Spanish American war? That the […]

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Free From Freak Out ¡ZAP! Blow Your Mind

Timothy Leary “Global Psychedelia Intro” from “Global Psychedelia” (2020) on Global Psychedelia Ash Ra Tempel “Day-Dream” from “Starring Rosi” (1973) on Import 幾何学模様/Kikagaku Moyo “Can You Imagine Nothing?” from “幾何学模様/Kikagaku Moyo” (2013) on Guruguru Brain 幾何学模様/Kikagaku Moyo “Zo No Senaka” from “幾何学模様/Kikagaku Moyo” (2013) on Guruguru Brain Boris & Merzbow “Walrus” from “Walrus/Groon” (2007) on […]

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