Kiki Pau . Hiisi . Leaves . BBiB . 2018 (Finland) Brian Ellis . Quipu . Birth . Parallax Sounds Records . 2011 The Myrrors . Borderlands . Biznagas . BBiB . 2018 (US) Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. . Electric Dream Ecstasy . Sycamore Trees . Essence Music . 2018 (Japan) […]

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Today’s show is RED themed.  Every song has “red” in the title. It’s part of the “anything but basic series” (JT) and will continue with other colors in the future.  The idea brings together diverse sounds from diverse time periods and diverse locations, so turn on and tune in for a series of songs that […]

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Electronic Global Psychedelia – Pie In The Sky

This playlist is featuring pop, rock, folk and experimental psychedelic music ranging from 1968 to 1985

using electronic instruments and often custom-made analogue synthezisers, effects and drum-machines.

These musicians from Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy,

Kazakhstan, Niger, Netherlands, Pakistan, Turkey, United Kingdom and the US weren’t the first internationally

to use electronic equipment but a lot of them were still pioneers of electronic music in their countries.

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French Psychedelias

Welcome to the first Global Psychedelia show of 2015.  Happy psychedelic new year from The New Elastic Infinite! For no reason in particular today’s show will be French progressive rock, electronic, soundtrack, experimental, and Rock in Opposition, all with a little or a lot of psychedelia.  This show highlights the early days of French progressive […]

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