Whoa. First Global Psychedelia show of the FM.  Today’s show is an hour of psychedelic hip hop from the ’90s to the present, US and UK.  It’s limited, sure, but that just means there’ll have to be more than just one of these to fill in the gaps. The Difference Machine . Clocks . Vibration […]


Tribute to Jaki Liebezeit

Today’s show is a tribute to the great drummer Jaki Liebezeit, perhaps best know for his monumental and establishing work with the amazing Kosmische/Krautrock/Avant Garde band CAN.  I have tried to make a diverse and expansive playlist to pay tribute to Liebezeit’s work, not only with CAN, but with other collaborators working in various styles.  […]

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BEST Psychedelia of 2016

There’s been so much great psychedelic music this year that I’ve decided to do a three hour show! It’s broken up into Best Benefit Albums, Best LPs, Best EP, Best Labels, and Best Reissues. Best benefit albums: As the titles state, these are benefits for Standing Rock, ACLU, and the Sierra Club.  Worthy causes in […]

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Jazz Psychedelic Jazz

every track here bends what I think I know about jazz or psychedelic music.  today’s list is just one of many psychedelic jazz shows I have in my intergalactic space cloak compartment that you might call a sleeve.  This is NOT afrobeat or progressive music/prog. blow! Sun Ra . Concert for the Comet Kohoutek . […]

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