Contemporary Swedish Psychedelia

Yes! I’m not alone in my great love for Swedish psychedelia in its many incarnations, a love you can see in the multiple Swedish releases from non-Swedish labels like Sunrise Ocean Bender (SOB), Sky Lantern Records, Rocket Recordings, and Cardinal Fuzz.  The impetus for this show was really a keen desire to play the new […]

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Psychedelia, NY

– NEW YORK psychedelia! bwalawalawwawa. This is the third state in the 50 States of Psychedelia project here at Global Psychedelia.  The first one I did was Illinois, then California, and now New York!  I started with, perhaps, some of the easiest States but I am dedicated to doing all 50.  Through these playlists I […]

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Argentine psychedelia, old and new

Welcome to the playlist for another two hours of psychedelic music from around the world with your host The New Elastic Infinite.  This is Global Psychedelia, and today’s show is Argentine psychedelia! As was the case with Chilean psychedelia, during the years of Argentina’s military dictatorships and continued political oppression (~1969/74 – 1983, when ~13,000 […]

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French Psychedelias

Welcome to the first Global Psychedelia show of 2015.  Happy psychedelic new year from The New Elastic Infinite! For no reason in particular today’s show will be French progressive rock, electronic, soundtrack, experimental, and Rock in Opposition, all with a little or a lot of psychedelia.  This show highlights the early days of French progressive […]

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