What’s epic about Oulu Space Jam Collective’s latest “Harvest Sage”? What’s epic about the new Perhaps album “V”? Uhm, well, everything! Including the length.  Today’s show is the second in a series of long form psychedelia released in 2017.  These tracks unfold over a long period of time where an entire journey takes place, where one cannot exit the same as they entered.  What, you might ask, do you consider long form?  And I would answer, 15min +  In fact, most of the music in this series is well over the 30 minute mark.  This music is perfect journey music, and will surely take you there with or without a psychotropic catalyst.

Turn on and tune in for some epic psychedelia.

Oulu Space Jam Collective . Harvest Sage. Side B: Before the Cataclysm .  . 2017 (Finland) [1:10:36]


Ecstatic Music Band . Approaching The Infinite . Approaching The Infinite . Fabrica Records . 2017 (U.S.) [40:34]


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