What’s epic about HIBUSHIBIRE’s “Freak Out Orgasm!”? What’s epic about the new Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska album “Mountain Rituals”? Uhm, well, everything! Including the length.  Today’s show is the third in a series of long form psychedelia released in 2017.  These tracks unfold over a long period of time where an entire journey takes place, where one cannot exit the same as they entered.  What, you might ask, do you consider long form?  And I would answer, 15min +  In fact, most of the music in this series is well over the 30 minute mark. 

Turn on and tune in for some epic psychedelia.

Pub Čerenkov . Nightsessions VOL VII . We left at ten o’clock . S/R . (Germany)


HIBUSHIBIRE . Freak Out Orgasm! . Deep Throat River Holy Mountain High . Riot Season Records (Japan)


Raising Holy Sparks . Search For the Vanished Heaven . I Am In The Mountains While You Are In My Dreams . Eiderdown Records . (Ireland?)


Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska . Mountain Rituals . Mountain Void . Sky Lantern Records (U.S.)


Bardo Pond (w/ Kohoutek) . Curanderos . Mescalito Pt. 2 . Fire Records (U.S.)


Anla Courtis . Concept Bongo . Concept Bongo I . Coherent States . (Argentina)


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