this week’s show is for sitting on the front porch in the evening and staring out at the world. it’s for swinging, petting your friend, holding hands, and drinking iced tea. super long jams to get lost in. turn on. tune in. freak out. Million Brazilians . Red Rose & Obsidian . Behold (excerpt) . […]

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BEST Psychedelia of 2016

There’s been so much great psychedelic music this year that I’ve decided to do a three hour show! It’s broken up into Best Benefit Albums, Best LPs, Best EP, Best Labels, and Best Reissues. Best benefit albums: As the titles state, these are benefits for Standing Rock, ACLU, and the Sierra Club.  Worthy causes in […]

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nihon no saikederikku ongaku

18 months ago I did the first Global Psychedelia show: Noisy Japanese Psychedelia from 2000 – present.  Japanese psychedelic music is my favorite psychedelic music, so I asked myself, why not do another show?  Two more years of new rad music.  Behold: Contemporary Japanese Psychedelia! Sundays & Cybele . Heaven . Night Predator . Beyond […]

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México Psicodélico

It’s time for the long-time-coming Mexican psychedelia show! This special show is brought to you by special guest Juan Ra (Part I) and The New Elastic Infinite (Part II).  Turn on and tune in. FREAK OUT! PART I Elvis Presley . México . Fun in Acapulco . RCA Victor . 1963 Los aliviadores . Los Aliviadores […]

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Argentine psychedelia, old and new

Welcome to the playlist for another two hours of psychedelic music from around the world with your host The New Elastic Infinite.  This is Global Psychedelia, and today’s show is Argentine psychedelia! As was the case with Chilean psychedelia, during the years of Argentina’s military dictatorships and continued political oppression (~1969/74 – 1983, when ~13,000 […]

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Psychedelic Cover Songs

The Mops – Somebody to Love – The Psychedelic Sounds of Japan – 1968/2010 Written by The Great Society guitarist Darby Slick, which Grace Slick stole/took with her and recorded with the Jefferson Airplane in 1966.  The song eventually became one of their most well-known hits. Jimi Hendrix – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Blue Wild Angel- Live at the Isle […]

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August 23, 2014 Late ’60s & early ’70s German Psychedelic Rock and Kosmische

Welcome to the second Global Psychedelia show on WEFT 90.1 and streaming live at weft.org.  I’m your host, THE NEW ELASTIC INFINITE, and today’s show will explore electronic, electric, and acoustic psychedelic music from Germany between the years of 1968 and 1973.  These diverse musics were unfairly pinned under the single racist epithet “Krautrock” by […]

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